Drawing on her teaching experience, Caroline Evans has written and edited Right@Sight for Piano Grades 1-8. Right@Sight is an innovative sight-reading series based on musical material from T.A. Johnson’s celebrated Read and Play series. Each exercise takes as its starting point TRaK – Time, Rhythm and Key. Helpful and imaginative guidance encourages the student to meet the various practical and interpretative challenges introduced in each new piece.

This method has now been adapted for string players in Right@Sight for Violin and Right@Sight for Cello.

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Right@Sight Series
BookLink & Reference Nos
cover for grade 1 book Grade 1 [ref: ep 7539]
cover for grade 2 book Grade 2 [ref: ep 7540]
cover for grade 3 book Grade 3 [ref: ep 7541]
cover for grade 4 book Grade 4 [ref: ep 7542]
cover for grade 5 book Grade 5 [ref: ep 7543]
cover for grade 6 book Grade 6 [ref: ep 7544]
cover for grade 7 book Grade 7 [ref: ep 7545]
cover for grade 8 book Grade 8 [ref: ep 7546]